The Atmosphere Story

For healthier buildings, inside and out

Our planet’s original atmosphere was primarily helium and hydrogen. After the Earth’s surface cooled enough to form a crust, volcanoes released components that made up a “second atmosphere” composed of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and some nitrogen – but virtually no oxygen. Today’s atmosphere came along because of oxygen-producing organisms. As more plants appeared, the levels of oxygen increased significantly and carbon dioxide levels dropped.


What does this have to do with insulation? It’s all about air quality.


Today’s architects, specifiers, and builders choose building products more conscientiously than ever before. They’re choosing building materials that increase thermal efficiency, thereby reducing the amount of energy used. They’re looking for materials made from renewable resources. They’re thinking about health and sustainability at every stage of the selection process.


Sure, it’s important to choose materials that are made in an eco-friendly way. But it’s also important to choose materials that are made with indoor air quality in mind.


When considering air quality, select products with indoor air quality in mind.