Environmentally Friendly Duct Wrap

For superior efficiency and sound absorption

AtmosphereTM duct wrap is a thermal and acoustical insulation blanket for the exterior of rectangular or round sheet metal ducts. It controls condensation, reduces noise, reduces energy usage, and increases system efficiency.




Installer-friendly handling characteristics

Flexible, lightweight rolls conform easily to flat or irregular surfaces, allowing for faster installation and lower labor costs. Tough material resists damage during and after installation.


Sustainable by design

Based on rapidly renewable bio-based materials rather than non-renewable petroleum-based chemicals. It’s the only air handling insulation that’s Formaldehyde Free, DecaDBE free, and features ECOSE® Technology.


Resistant to microbial growth

Treated with an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth of mold, fungus, or bacteria in accordance with ASTM C 1338.


Choice of facings

Available with foil-scrim-kraft (FSK) or poly-scrim-kraft (PSK) facings. White PSK facing is a desirable solution for exposed ductwork because of its clean appearance and resiliency.



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